Of course, my horse.
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26. Leer y escribir. Fotografía. Lo vintage. Música folk. Los proyectos DIY (aunque no hago ninguno!). Los búhos. Las bodas. Las moñas. Los árboles. Lentes obscuros.




shěnměi píláo 审美疲劳 (審美疲勞) is seeing so much beauty that you get tired of it, especially if that beauty happens to be one’s lover

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If everybody is thinking outside the box, why do families, groups, churches, neighbourhoods, communities and companies stay practically the same?  My suspicion is that when "we think outside the box" we’re still thinking “box”, reacting to the box, allowing the box to still be in charge!  Maybe a bigger box, a more fancy box, but a box nonetheless! For creative changes that last we have to perhaps think beyond the box!

When you take a new road to wherever you’re going, when you put together a meal with whatever you find in the freezer, you’re being creative, you’re thinking beyond the box! 

Don’t you think that human beings are creative and innovative by nature? How else would we have moved from caves to huts and from huts to homes built by such a variety of materials?  It is our nature to imagine, design and construct, tear down and rebuild.  


"Thinking outside the box" and "Thinking beyond the box".  How about thinking with no box at all?  Do you think it is possible and if yes, what would you call this creative kind of thinking and being?

No doubt you’re always listening and responding… For that and much more, I am thankful.

“ You think you know your possibilities. Then other people come into your life and suddenly there are so many more. ”

—    David Levithan, The Realm of Possibility (via observando)